Fig Stanford (Smyrna) DFIC 92 vs Fig Stanford (Caprifig) DFIC 134

Ira Condit – in his famous 1955 monograph (Fig varieties; 4.2 MB, 247 pages), discusses two figs named Stanford: one on page 338 (Caprifig) and the other on page 351 (Smyna).

In c. 2008 the USDA fruit tree repository near Davis CA performed a year-long study of 126 fig tree accessions at their site. The Observation data shows

DFIC 92 “Stanford” is a Smyrna, and
DFIC 134 “Stanford” is a Caprifig.

Some sellers of caprifigs seem to have these accession numbers reversed.

Here is a photo of an immature fruit from the Caprifig, showing stamens forming near the eye. The background grid is 1".

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