Fig tree cutting problem

Im trying to root a fig cutting following many of the online tutorials found on the net. I cut an 8 inch piece and wrapped the bottom 6 inches in a damp paper towel and sealed in a zip top bag. I stored the bag outside of direct sunlight and around 70 degrees. I opened the bag every 24-48 hours to air things out. my plan was to wait for roots and them plant in a clear plastic cup full of perlite.

But here is what I’m seeing. There are no roots visable after 2 weeks. There are however small raised white texturing the size of course sand on bottom of the cutting. Not sure if these are the beginnings of roots or not. But what’s more concerning is that the buds on the cutting are beginning to swell and pop out. Should I remove the buds or just let them open? Am I like to still get roots after the buds pop? What should I do to this cutting to get it to successfully root?

Hers are the small white bumps

Here is the beginning bud

The white bumps are the beginnings of roots. Once they develop a little more pot up and keep humidity high until roots are established. I haven’t cut off buds/leaves just keep humidity high.

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Thanks fruitnut. I’ll take your advice.

Would it be advisable to apply some rooting hormone to the end of the cutting to speed up rooting? Or is it too late in the process? I have rooting hormone but forgot all about it when I bagged the cutting.

Rooting hormone use in rooting figs is controversial. Some say it helps and as many others say no. Certainly it’s not needed. Getting water, temperature, and humidity right are key.

I’d not bother in the middle of rooting.

Thanks again fruit. I did change one thing. I replaced the damp paper towel with sphagnum moss. I think that would be less lightly to mold or rot. We’ll see if that changes anything.