Fig tree salvageable

My sister is getting rid of her fig tree and I want to save it or as much of it as I can. How can I accomplish this? Is the main truck salvageable?

Hello and welcome! Can you give us some more information (or a picture!) about the fig tree? Common fig trees (Ficus carica) are easily propagated from air layers or cuttings, which is what I would suggest, though a lot would depend on the time frame (how long until she ‘gets rid’ of the fig tree?). I’m assuming her fig tree is in the ground?

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If it’s only a few years old, you could dig it up, burlap it, and move it to its new location. I’d wait until dormancy if possible. Those suckers are tough as nails.

I don’t have pictures at this time nor do know what Kind it is. She was giving me a heads up so I thought I would get ready my self to see if it’s only the branches I can take or if I cut a piece of the trunk(main branch).

The best summer cuttings are ones that have stopped growing and begun to turn woody. You can cut them into water like cut flowers to keep them hydrated, then cut just below the bottom node, remove all but the top 2 leaves and stick them in a pot in the shade. Put a bag over them to raise the humidity if they wilt. Anything with roots can be pruned way back and planted where you would like a tree.

Lots of good rooting techniques over on OurFigs. If you have the time, an airlayer is one of the more bullet-proof methods of propagating the tree. Otherwise take some cuttings. Good luck!