Fig trees

Im thinking about getting another fig tree. I recently tried a relative’s fig and realized that their fruits were already ripening while mine are still very tiny. They do not remember what variety they bought and neither do I. What is your suggestion on the variety of fig I should look at? Their fruit is a lot fuller and sweeter than mine. I attached a picture of how their leaves and fruits look like to see if it helps. The fig turns to a deeper purple/ brown when ripe.



Could you do an airlayer or root cuttings from their tree since you like it? There are many figs to choose from.


If they have an established tree then chances are there are some branches that have touched down to the ground and rooted already, so you could did them up. Spring would be best, but you could also do it now and pot them in the shade until they establish. Put a clear bag over the tops if they wilt.

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If you want to try something else, please tell us what flavor group you might be interested in? Mountain Figs has a great post on the major fig flavor groups:

I like the deep berry flavored figs the best, although honey figs are not bad. For a good, basic berry-fig, the Violette de Bordeaux is a not expensive, easily obtainable fig that is a good starting point.

Well with about 2500 different figs and about 100 that do what you say, it’s not easy to tell. Clone it as mentioned. Then you don’t have to guess.

It may be a Grantham’s Royal breba.


I grew out a bunch of wild Turkish figs from seed.
Quite variable leaf shapes.
Have no idea what to expect from them.

When you say Turkish figs do you mean a variety of brown turkey? There is someone local near me selling a variety he is calling Turkish delight. I can’t seem to find any info on that variety so I am guessing it’s just a brown turkey.

they are wild Turkish fig seedlings.
a few will set a good Breba crop.

Trying to root more Hood Canal Figs. Took cuttings in October- bottom heat 88 degrees and just a little water with plenty of grow lights.
both are looking good.