Fig varieties for high humidity and rain locations

Can you recommend which fig varities would yield and specially taste well in high humidity and rain locations?

I live in Panama, which has a humid and tropical climate.


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I don’t have any experience in tropical environments. Is it always humid there? If it is always humid, I think you will have fewer problems with splitting than somewhere the humidity fluctuates a lot. That is what someone growing in Hawaii experienced, no splitting but very large figs that would be considered watery compared to dry climates. Most likely the best tasting will be the intensely berry flavored ones, like Col de Dame, Adriatic JH, Black Madeira, Brogiotto Nero… If you want a variety that has more of normal fig flavor then Black Mission might work out.

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I wonder if rust might be a problem in a high humidity location.

I think so. In Thailand and Malaysia I think they remove leaves regularly to try and keep the fungi in check.

We have 2 seasons instead of 4. A rainy season, in which we are now, which lasts from around may until the end of november, and a dry season, which covers the other months. Average temperature is about 80F (74-86F) year around, and during the rainy season we get about 8 inches of rain each month. Humidity is very high during the rainy season.

Thanks for your recommendations. Right now I have a “Black Mission” tree that is beginning to fruit (for the first time), and a “Petite Negri” which is just sprouting leaves.

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I would try Smith. A great tasting fig with a thick skin that grows well in the south. I would try the others mentioned too if they don’t work oh well but if they do they will be amazing.

I’m in very humid Texas. LSU figs doing well here. I heard Smith likes less watering compared to others but I have not fruited it yet.

i would pick figs with close eye and usually smaler size figs tend to not have any splitting problem compared to larger size figs.

You can also try the Corfu local cultivar, since in Corfu they have a high humid climate with lots of rains.
I’m not sure about your local laws and importing them though.