Fig Variety Help

Looking to pick up a fig with some real weight. Are there any x-large size figs with a closed eye? All I can find are open eyes and they are like ant hotels here.

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Dalmatie has a moderately tight eye. It does open during rain, but oozes honey from it which blocks insect entry.


Out of over 100 varieties, this is probably the largest fig I grow. No issues with splitting or bugs. Pellegrino is a good one too.


That is impressive and you are on the east coast. Where did you find it?

I got it in a trade from another fig enthusiast. Yep, east coast, just west of Boston. It’s a fairly early ripener too, which is surprising for such a large fig.


That is a great fig.

Just in general, large figs may have a thicker outer wall. The most tasty part of fig is the pulp inside, or the jammy part. Just something to think about.