Fignomenal, fake?

For those of you who don’t know, there is a new variety of fig called Fignomenal which is apparently a sport of chicago hardy. It supposedly stays under three feet and continuously fruits even indoors. Has anyone grown this? I know it’s almost certainly fake but I almost want to buy and try it just to see.


Staying small and fruiting continuously aren’t very compatible. In order to keep fruiting it has to keep growing. So to stay small and fruit it would have to have short internodes. The pictures I’ve seen look like a normal fig.

Buy one if you want. The ones I saw were $20 so not expensive. But I doubt that it’s different or better than the normal CH.


Thanks for the insight. That’s essentially what I thought but I’m new to the fig world. Are there any varieties of figs that are able to produce a second group of figs on the same node after the first fruit has matured?

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No, they don’t set another crop at the same node. You need new nodes, ie more growth. They can set breba fruit at last years nodes the following spring. Breba usually aren’t very good.


The adds are fun to read. Buy two! Double your crop!