Figs 2018


You know, I never thought to thin figs. I regularly thin my other fruit trees, but this just never crossed my mind.


Just harvested all these yummy figs before the heavy rain forecast for the next 3 days. Heavy rain will split all my figs and go sour.



Panache and Strawberry Verte, two awesome figs!


Whoops, up on the river bad connection, top pic Panache these are Panache and Strawberry verte


Here is Osborne Prolific. A very strange fig. Thought to be a French fig called Archipel. Goes back to at least 1850. Tested in the states as early as 1866. Interesting that in warm CA valleys the fig was not even fit for pigs, but in the cool CA coastal regions it was excellent. It’s great here in my cool zone. The first two years it was awful. I gave it one more year, and it blew me away. Some figs, you really do have to give them time. Not many seeds, so tastes creamy and has an in your face caramel like flavor. Very different from other figs. Sometimes I taste that flavor but lighter in Celeste type figs. It has a medium eye, but here never splits. It was rainless for 2 weeks and rained almost 3 inches, and the ripe figs did not split. They did on everything else ripe or near ripe. Ones not quite ripe did get watery though. Here I have to pick figs before they mold. So not ideal. But I know by looks when to pick them. This is an ugly fig, nothing to look at. OK, one more day and these figs are mold balls.

Actually the one had a spot of mold at the bottom of the eye. I cut it out, it was excellent. The other needed another day, but the skin was in too bad a shape not to pick.
Some may hate this fig, tastes differ. Mine tend to differ from the main stream. For me this is a keeper.

I like this time of year as I can let the figs go longer. Just about starting now. So future OP figs I can let ripen even more. As humidity just drops away this time of year.


I lost a couple of tags on my fig bushes. I wonder what variety this one is. It was mildlty sweet but we had lot of rain until a week ago. The taste was probably diluted.

Could you or any experienced fig growers tell me, please?


It looks kind of like Sal’s Corleone, but not quite… I’m not sure about that one.


I believe I have one that called Sal El.

In the spring, a few potted figs, some have survived. Maybe, this is Sal El.


Not Sal’s EL for sure, the centers are never that light. It is looking more like English Brown Turkey to me now that I noticed the eye is a little puckered.


Although EBT was not on the list of figs I have rooted, I believe your assessment. Thank you.


First I-258 of the season is always something to look forward to. I picked it a tad early because we are anticipating rain the whole next week. It has a very strong syrupy berry taste.


First Chicago Hardy ever on a 3 year old bush. Looks like I may have a decent crop. Large and tasty, but not as good flavor as the best Celeste. Always looking for more recommendations for in ground figs zone 7b.


2 Longue d’Aouts on the left and 4 Gludis on the right, Gludi has been really reliable and tasty even when a little underripe.

Anither Unk Pastilliere

And this is what was supposed to be Yellow Neches.

This person contacted me with an offer for Yellow Neches after I made a public request on Figs4Fun and we set up a trade for Gludi, he was a new grower but was friendly and had made lots of connections with legit growers quickly so I assumed he could have the real thing. The sick thing to think about is if I were not already an advanced grower (who happened to be pollinating figs) I’d never be able to say for sure it is not true to type. The idea that sellers are kept honest by buyers is such a crock, I’m not even going to name this person since it just causes drama.

What I’ve learned from buying figs from “reputed/respected/trusted” sellers who use fig forums: Don’t buy figs from anyone who does not have their own fruit pictures, ever, don’t buy from people who attack other sellers or unhappy customers rather than prove what they are selling and educate new growers rather than scaring them, don’t assume someone who is in a position of authority or respect in a group deserves to be there, don’t provide social credit to them because they have used it to displace more experienced growers.


Your Longue d’Aout look great. I haven’t had much luck with this one. The eye opens up when it starts to ripen and allows ants and other nasties to get inside. It also sours very quickly in the rain because of this trait, at least in my backyard.


Sometimes the eye is closed like the first fig, but often it is open. An easy way to keep ants and fruit flies out is to put a sticker or piece of tape over the eye after the fig swells, you might have to push it down to restick it a few times if the fig keeps getting bigger.


Kiwi berry and fresh fig pavlova cake-


In general i agree, at least if the person is honest. Like this year I traded a lot and rooted many extra cuttings. I can’t say for sure the plants are true, but willing to refund if not. I’m not really sure what to do with these plants some are very rare, like Preto de Torres Novas. Not even sure if this is a good fig? Also Blava which is a very good fig, hate to destroy the plant. Many others too. Not sure what to do with them? Debating selling them, I could use the money, but hate to do it as you said i can’t be sure, yet you know even if it was from an older plant I have no way to positively confirm any fig. Just the way it is. I can though show the fruit once mature. I don’t really want to become a seller though. I still may sell some, and always willing to trade. I owe you a couple plants Brent, if you want to try a couple I’ll send them to you. Just PM me.
Preto de Torres Novas - Jsacadura
Salce - - Saxonfig
Violette de Sollies - (unknown, forgot! )
Nerucciolo D’Elba - Rafaelissimmo
Blava - Dan Foster
D’en Manel - Dan Foster
Fort Mill Park - figlandscaper
Antonelli Unk (mt. Etna type) - Dan Foster
Figo Rei - Jsacadura
Petite Negri - Dan Foster

If anybody wants to try these I will sell cheap or trade, but as mentioned a possibility mix ups could happen. I will not be offering these ever again. I have as many figs trees as I need.
I only want one at this point Black Tuscan. I will back them with any replacements from my collection if by chance it appears not to be true. I did not make a mistake, was very careful with labeling, but the original seller could have (all respected people). I feel these are correct though. PM me if any interest. I have others too.


Last shot is beautiful.


My Preto De Torres Novas fruited for me this year and it’s a VERY
good fig. Mine also came from Jaime.


What I like to do when I can, is to find out where my source got something from, then I ask the source and the sources source until there is no more trail left. Either you find out that it came from the original/a original source somewhere along the line, or that one source of two can provide photos since they had them longer. There is still always a small chance of the wrong cuttings being labeled the wrong thing, or that the real thing can have different looking and tasting figs. Our figs never taste the exactly same year after year. Nor do the figs on the same tree. Yet with age they do improve, the figs