Figs 2018


Beside excellent tasting Lattarula Italian honey fig can performs 2nd crops of the year well in Seattle areas without any problem.


I did get some of that info when I could. Most of the community is very up front, so if i sell any I will too be clear that these plant are from extra cutings, it is what it is.

Fantastic! Like hearing that, and I know you have very high standards.

Well somewhat yes, some years they are better than others. Why one needs to give them a few years. I have had a few come on strong once more mature. Glad I didn’t cull them early!


Eventually they seem to get better every year despite the things that can make them not as good. I heard that sometimes they can take 9 years to even produce, many years to taste their best, even young producing varieties, we have two fig trees in their 8th season, one has not produced successfully yet even though it’s a young producing variety. It’s aborted figs 3 or 4 years now, I have lost track, 2 years in a row. Yet this year it looks better than it ever did. Since I have had it so long now and since it’s looking so good now. I might as well give it at least two more seasons, LOL, especially since the figs are supposed to be so good.


Thanks Drew, you don’t have to worry about the plants, I actually didn’t add anything this year and should get a coin or something instead :wink: I hate killing trees but it has to be done with the way they multiply, and I understand the predicament you are in. For me, I like to keep as many as I can and give them a fair shot, the more plants or a variety the quicker the confirmation and better the evaluation since each plant ends up a little different. I’ve mostly stuck to well described varieties that can be identified, but it it did take practice and help from others to learn how.


Yes, I asked others to look at some plants I have, and also did my own homework. Only dealt with a few good people. I probably will destroy most, just a few rare ones worth keeping around for sure. I would like to place those. Also a couple already fruited for me, like Petite Negri. I thought it was a little better than my VdB. I was surprised at that. But it’s early in the game to draw any conclusions.
It’s been a fun year as I tried many I never had before. Not just figs, pluots and plums too.


Oh ya prude! :smile:


This is the first fruit from a 1 year old potted Blava Campanera.
It’s a main crop fig, very productive and delicious. You can see some of the juice on the lid.


Again we run into naming problems. I have a Blava, it is not the same as Blava Campanera. I don’t have any photos but the ones on the net are awesome. This is one I have an extra plant.


One of the cuttings you sent me took. So I have a plant
that is growing well. I’m curious to see what the figs are like.


This is Yellow Neches ripened here in Philly. Seems early. Comes from UCD. A small green fig. There is also others in the northeast that have ripened this with photos.


There are two Blava’s. Campanera & Flor:

Harvey sells Campanera, which is what Ray has above and is more widely common. Seems like a mid season fig here that produces a decent breba. I have photos somewhere…


Looks like Ray has both! The Blava is from Foster, his collection is one of the best, or was as he is eliminating many. He’s Michigan folk, like Rafed (and me).
The neches looks interesting! Cool!


Thanks Ross, the similarities are there for sure, a suspicious amount of similarities. What do you think taste wise?


The person who runs the Seattle Garden & Fruit Adventures does not always verify what he’s getting, yet he seems to have gotten his Blava from the original source of whatever Blava is, he has two different fig tree varieties that he was given under the name of Gillette, one is the real deal and the other is very obviously not Gillette, then again there is a “common fig” variety this is properly called Gillette, as well as a huge mess of false identifications. He told me he was given the not Gillette from a lady who claims that it’s Gillette.


I doubt it’s original, but he said in the blog article I linked to, his source for Blava is Dan Foster. (It’s the first sentence of the article). I got mine from Dan too. He lives nearby me.
Dan and also Rafed are old growers, been around for over a decade. Old school guys and gals. Olga is another old school person. Rafed is one of two people who got GN AF to the states. Many still refer to it as GN Rafed’s.


Dan’s is Blava Flor from Pons. Both Blava Campanera & Blava Flor originate from Pons. There is no other Blava in circulation. It’s either Campanera or Flor. It is possible that there is a fig found in Spain or somewhere else in Europe called “Blava”, but none that I know of in circulation here in the US. Both figs should have the secondary tags associated with them. I will tell Dan to use the right name from now on to avoid confusion. As I’ve said above: Harvey sells Campanera, which is what Ray has above and is more widely common because of Harvey’s sales. I have it and it definitely seems like a mid season fig that produces a decent breba here in the Philadelphia area.

I agree. Your fig there looks like a strangely ripened Yellow Neches. This is my first year with the fig. Grafted onto a young rootstock that up took too much water this season resulting in bland fruits. It produces honey in the void combined with what I’ve been told is an interesting berry flavor that my friend calls tropical. I’m sure that it’s not a pronounced tropical flavor. The skin was furry, tough and intrusive like a Lattarula, White Marseilles, etc… Personally my hopes are low for this one as I think this fig will not be suited to my taste preferences. Edit: I also want to add that the interior texture was like a fruit leather or a congealed gel as I like to call it.
Years ago you sent me some cuttings. One of the varieties that made it was Noire de Barbentane. It’s quite a good fig. Thank you! It has also grown quite well and this spring I put it in the ground after hearing that Herman2 has one in ground just across the Delaware. Do you have any experience with this one’s hardiness?


Here in SC, Barbentane dies back every year with no protection, but regrows strongly.


Yes, agreed, thanks for clearing this up, very good!


Does it fruit after dieback? Is it in a protected location?


My Chicago Hardy in the ground has produced much larger figs than my potted Chicago Hardys.