Figs and other fruits from Turkey


Hello ,
I am Ercan from Turkey and just want to show you my fig collection in my orchard. I have also many other fruit trees too and will share fruit pics. Thanks


Very nice looking figs… It would be nice if you write some description of each fig, and tell us your favorites.





Sure I will but it is hard for me to say I like this a lot because all have their own speacialties. I like them all and i shared just some of them here.


@ercan_blg, very nice looking figs, welcome!


Thank you. Happy to be here for sharing infos and experiences


@ercan_blg Glad to see you here and posting some of your fruits! Figs in this case, they look awesome Ercan! Congrats


Do you by any chance grow pomegranates as well?

Thank you for sharing photos.


Yes I have some pomegranate trees as well.


Beautiful! What a variety. I just gave a fig tree to a Turkish man living here in the States who really misses the fresh figs. I did warn him they probably won’t be as good as what he could get at home in Turkey.