Figs & Balsamic Honey

Ok, so I’m obsessed with figs and this is my 2nd recipe with figs and honey. But this one is both sweet and savory, and includes one of my other favorite ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar. I can only hope you know the difference in the grocery store “balsamic” made by adding a little grape must to wine vinegar and REAL balsamic- the thick, aged, expensive balsamic. And don’t be fooled by labels saying its from Modena…lots of the cheap, fake stuff says its from Modena too!

Anyway, this is another super simple, super good fig recipe. I’m getting about 30 big figs per day this year from my trees, so I’m in heaven with my biggest harvest ever- by far. How can something so easy to grow be so good?

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And yet you didn’t post the recipe?.

I have a bottle of the good stuff, 30 years old, and I can’t open it because the cap won’t move…any suggestions?


What does the cap look like? A mechanical opener would do it .

Uh oh, a dangerous phrase to utter! Lol. Get ready to spend hours on the figs for fun forum.

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What kind of idiot prattles on about a recipe and then forgets to post it! haha.

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