Figs, figs, everywhere!

I feel like that, I’m not sure what i was thinking with all these figs?? Here are some figs cuttings I rooted.

These are in line for transplant. Started from cuttings this winter

Here are some of last year’s dormant figs, and newly transplanted figs.
Notice how dark green many of the leaves are? man those T5 lights are awesome. These were put outside Monday.

Here are yet more in various stages of development, and some bonsai pepper plants.

All of these are newly transplanted. The dormant plants now in root pouches were in the smaller pots to the left. These are 10 gallon pouches. i will leave them in there for probably 2 years.
Mulch is just yard waste, straw, pine needles, and hard wood leaves.


Looking good!

I moved a few (4) of my potted figs out this morning, hopefully I’ll get to the rest (15-20) tonight if my back is willing after hauling stuff at work all day. Next week looks good, weatherwise, hopefully the trend continues! Uncovered my in-ground figs last weekend.

I just started my cuttings, aside from a few experiments, this week. I’ve got a few very good ones I really hope succeed because I may never be able to get them again!

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Good luck with the cuttings. I lost quite a few good ones. Seems the common ones are easy! I think I’m good! I have way too many anyway. I will probably have to haul them in the garage now and then (including tonight!) and yes my back is a mess! Argh!
I did the cuttings during winter as now I need the room for tomatoes, peppers, and onions. I want to grow a few other things too, and now have room!

Just a note overwintering in the garage went very well. It is going to be easy to grow these in pots. A few are going into the ground to experiment with.

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Those cuttings look great Drew. Nice jump start into the growing season. I wish I’d done that with my RDB cuttings I received a while back. I just started to root them last week. Gonna be a while before mine reach that point.

Here’s a couple more. It’s raining today so plants are wet.

They are gonna love that ionized rainwater. They are gonna rocket up to the skies!

Here is a couple Panachee or Panache tiger fig. Started later

The bark on these is very ornamental

I picked up an unknown Pt Loma Fig, The fruit looks like Black Madria, but it is not a BM. taste is supposed to be exceptional.
Hope it keeps going! An experiment with no humidity, just the parafilm. Stuck in seed starting soil to start.

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Beautiful figs! Congratulations!

My personal opinion is that humidity chambers are most beneficial for plants that leaf out before rooting and to help keep soil moisture constant.

That has worked too, I tried both. Some cuttings are hard,others seem to be begging to root. The Panache were like that. Rotting extremely easy. I think it may not just be variety, but age, tree they came from etc.

I try and water my house plants with rain water all winter. I’m out now, looking for rain today to restock me!
So yeah 9 out of 10 waterings of these rooted cuttings this winter was from rainwater I stored in the garage. Sometimes I didn’t have time to warm it up and used tap.

Nice idea. I’ll give it a try on some other cuttings. Thanks for the idea. I like to experiment also.


Do you prune back last year branches?

I have 2 potted figs that rooted last year and gave some figs but did not ripe and most fell off when cold weather hit. I pulled them into the attached garage and put them back out since last week. There’re some tiny figs still green on the very top of the branches. And the top are already showing green as well. If I cut the branches back then I surely lost the little figs.

Any advise?


I did, but you do not have to prune figs. @ampersand Kelby is the expert here. Leave it, see what happens.

Does anyone have Jolly Tiger Panache to share or know where to get one at a reasonable price? Thanks.

As pictured I have an extra one, but it is promised out. You can obtain cuttings cheap here. This seller is trust worthy,


Welcome to the forum, Winsor. What part of the country do you live in? I’m sorry; I don’t know anything about the availability of that one.

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Hah, expert! You flatter me.

@tomIL. Most fruit on new growth, so pruning isn’t needed for that. It does help to prune out excess branches to allow better light penetration, air flow, and decrease crop load to allow better ripening. Think of it as thinning out branches. For potted plants 1-3 trunks is good.

Got them all moved out. Now I’ve got to fertilize, water, and hope there’s no more cold weather!



Those figs looked like 4 to 6 feet tall. I kept mine around 4 feet tall and bushy so when I moved them around the branches won’t poke my eyes out.



Very nice! I can’t wait for mine to become bigger! Here the weather turns a little colder getting to the mid-30’s next week. I will have to do the shuffle of in and out of the garage, well I may leave my dormant ones out, as long as they stay dormant.