Figs, figs, everywhere!


After two applications of Urea nitrogen 46-0-0 and tips pinched at every 5th leaf. My figs are set for the main crop.



That’s an awful lot of work you have ahead of you. I get tired
looking at it.


I hope you secretly donated it to a public park


It does take a little work to get figs to work in the North. But you have to work to get all of the rest of your fruit to produce as well.

Here are two inground trees from zone 6A, north of you in Western PA. Both were protected by being first pruned back to ~ 4 ft tall, branches tied together into a narrow ‘cylinder’, rings of insulation material (one home insulation roll, other was a couple layers of old pool solar cover) wrapped around the tree (like a big cylinder as well) and the center of the cylinder filled with pine bark mulch. Then covered with a tarp. They were uncovered late April, and both began leafing out on 5/13; the two pics were taken on 5/28 and 29. Both should produce MANY figs before frosts in October.

Sals((Gene) - tree is 5 years old, in ground 3 winters:
fig recovery sals

Chicago Hardy - tree is 4 years old, in ground 2 winters:
fig recovery hardy chicago


Here’s an almost ripe fig on my I258


What kind of head start did you give it to get ripe figs already?


That is a Breba fig. Easy to see its on old growth.


Still a month early though…


I keep my figs in my garage in the winter, which only gets down to 45 F at lowest. So, every year in spring my figs get a big head start


In my climate experienced growers purposely delay the start of their fig crops.


How do they do that? Even when I keep my figs in the garage, I’m still at the mercy of the weather.

Does postponing the start of the season yield better fruit?


It’s a feature of our climate – I wouldn’t try it in yours.


I’m having a ton of brebas this year, from Desert King, Peter’s Honey, Janice Kadota, Mary Lane and Black Jack. Breba figs are large but inferior in terms of sweetness and richness compared to the main crop. Nevertheless I found them to be very enjoyable when eaten with thinly sliced jamón or prosciutto, these flavors combine very harmoniously.


I found some to be just as good Valle Negra, and Teramo breba’s were very awesome and the main crop had nothing on them. Well one year, so it doesn’t mean much.


A lot depends on when a variety ripens in your local climate. For example, if breba ripens in August it will be better than main crop that ripens in October. For me, brebas ripen in June and are inferior to main crop figs that ripen in August. I also often get a third crop in October-November and these are also not as good as the main crop.


I have some breba figs growing on my VdB and I’ve been watching them closely. I was super bummed when I found this, 2 of the 3 most ripe figs were eaten by a thief. I’m not sure if it was a 2 or 4 legged thief, but I’m not happy! The one that they missed was awesome.

You can see how ripe they were.


Looks like they were hit by doves.


Thanks Richard! We do have a good number of doves that hang around. Between some of my neighbors and I, we have a lot of fruit trees. I’ll have to get some bags for my main crop figs. I should get a decent amount of figs this year, but not enough to share with the birds!


Just harvested these Lattarula Italian honey breba figs. They are sweet but the main crops in Late August is much sweeter.



Drew, did any of the cuttings rooted for you this Spring? Mine are doing good. I got two of the B. Nero and Unk Teramo rooted.


Heavy figs set this year with early pinched tips at every fifth leaf on every branch from April to now. I just stop pinching today. Don’t want anymore figlets that will not mature in time before winter set in. Most figs take 3 1/3 months to ripen.


Just wanted to include Phil’s figs ripening date in GA.

Ripening Times 2016
01-13-2017, 10:05 AM
I tried to note the 1st ripening fig of cultivars this year, I know I forgot to record some but I did better recording in 2016 than prior years. I broke down the data in 4 groups The general category of inground, pot, Breba, and Breba Pot. The potted figs were stored in a garage kept above freezing.

There are other factors contributing that measure in that I did not note that factor into ripening times, such as age of tree, general tree health, location/exposure etc…. that are significant and effect ripening times, I have been baselining this each year and as trees mature and start to show consistency and in used with other folks ripening times relative to their climate might be helpful for folks. There is a couple that I need to go back and review as the date seems off and maybe I miss recorded a date and several I seem to have not recorded so I hope to improve that in 2017. I might try and recorded Prime ripen time next year as to me a more useful statistic, as sometimes you have a couple figs ripen weeks ahead of the main production can distort the date.
LSU Gold Breba 6/12/2016
UNK Adriatic Grasa Breba 6/24/2016
Attilio Green Breba 7/1/2016
unk Holland Shed Breba 7/2/2016
O’Rourke Breba 7/19/2016
Unk White Italian Breba pot 6/19/2016
Kathleen B. Not maybe Sals C. Breba pot 6/21/2016
Nero 600m Breba pot 6/26/2016
King Breba pot 7/1/2016
Florea Inground 7/20/2016
Smith pot Inground 7/25/2016
Celeste Holland Inground 7/27/2016
Celeste HD BT NOT Inground 7/28/2016
Hardy Chicago Inground 7/28/2016
Tacoma Violet Inground 7/30/2016
Blue celeste Inground 7/31/2016
Hardy Hartford Inground 7/31/2016
MBVS Inground 7/31/2016
unk Octopus Inground 7/31/2016
Kesariani Inground 8/1/2016
LSU Gold Inground 8/2/2016
Malta Black Inground 8/2/2016
Unk Owensboro Inground 8/3/2016
Dark Portuguese Inground 8/4/2016
Gino’s black Inground 8/4/2016
O’Rourke Inground 8/4/2016
Smith Inground 8/5/2016
Almaria Inground 8/7/2016
RDB Inground 8/7/2016
LSU Improved Celeste Inground 8/8/2016
unk Marseillies W. Inground 8/9/2016
Attilio Green Inground 8/10/2016
BT Lowes Inground 8/10/2016
Hollier Inground 8/10/2016
Bisirri #2 Inground 8/11/2016
Saint Rita Inground 8/11/2016
Salce Inground 8/11/2016
Unk White Italian Inground 8/11/2016
Black Bethlehem Inground 8/12/2016
Attilio Purple Inground 8/13/2016
Excel Inground 8/13/2016
Unk holland shed Inground 8/13/2016
Bisirri #3 Inground 8/14/2016
Black Jack Inground 8/14/2016
Dominick’s Italian Inground 8/14/2016
Golden Riverside 278-128 Inground 8/14/2016
Troiano Calabrese Inground 8/16/2016
UNK not MBVS Inground 8/16/2016
White Triana ? Inground 8/16/2016
Golden Celeste Inground 8/17/2016
Lattarolla Inground 8/17/2016
Dark Greek Inground 8/18/2016
Pananas Purple Inground 8/18/2016
Violette De Bordeaux Inground 8/19/2016
Vista Inground 8/19/2016
Kadota Inground 8/21/2016
Alma Inground 8/23/2016
Carini Inground 8/23/2016
Bari Inground 8/25/2016
Beall Inground 8/25/2016
Celeste Goss Inground 8/25/2016
Verde Inground 8/25/2016
White Genoa Inground 8/25/2016
Atreano Inground 8/26/2016
Adratic JH Inground 9/1/2016
Sicilian Red Inground 9/1/2016
Scott’s Black Inground 9/2/2016
Panevino Dark Inground 9/7/2016
Longue D’Aout Mike Inground 9/8/2016
Bataglia green Inground 9/10/2016
Col Littman’s Black Cross Inground 9/11/2016
Desert king Inground 9/11/2016
Genovese Nero Robs Inground 9/11/2016
Osborn Prolific Inground 9/12/2016
Sals Corleone Inground 9/12/2016
Nero 600m Inground 9/13/2016
Samoa Sunshine Inground 9/13/2016
Vasilika Sika Inground 9/13/2016
Acciano Inground 9/14/2016
Strawberry Verte Inground 9/14/2016
Nordland Inground 9/15/2016
Calvert Inground 9/18/2016
Col de Dame Blanc Inground 9/29/2016
Unk Brogiotto Bianco/B.P. not Inground 9/29/2016
Valle Negra Inground 10/10/2016
Panachee Inground 10/24/2016
Troiano Calabrese Pot 7/19/2016
unk Octopus Pot 7/26/2016
LSU Gold Pot 7/27/2016
Natalina Pot 7/27/2016
Unk Owensboro Pot 7/31/2016
Nero 600m Pot 8/5/2016
Unk Germany Pot 8/7/2016
Bisirri #2 Pot 8/8/2016
Unk “Folly Beach Green” Pot 8/8/2016
Tena Pot 8/14/2016
White Triana Pot 8/16/2016
NJ Red Pot 8/18/2016
Ischia Black Pot 8/20/2016
Black Madeira Pot 8/21/2016
Scott’s Black Pot 8/21/2016
Acciano Pot 8/22/2016
Unk Major Houlihan Pot 8/25/2016
Ventura Pot 8/25/2016
Raspberry Latte Pot 9/12/2016
Unk “Crestwood Brown Turkey” Pot 9/16/2016
Black Madeira JF&E NOT Pot 10/1/2016
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