Figs, figs, everywhere!


First fig of the season - large Black Jack fig. Last year, I tasted just a few varieties but my descriptions have slightly improved. I’d say this is a moderately sweet, mild figgy flavor


Here is my Florea fig and it is the earliest main crop fig to ripen.


Nice!! :slight_smile:


really pretty figs!


Join, loads of fig info on there and trade or sometimes just give-aways from trusted growers. is the site they run for buying cuttings. The wonderful this is how easy figs are to propagate and grow especially since you have experience with growing plants.


That post is old Eric has gone on to become the fignator on ourfigs. Not many people have more figs than Eric. He has all the new wild ones. Has the wasp too so can grow any fig. Sells on figbid. He probably has 700 or so.


Thank you


:joy: Yeah. I definitely have too many. Here is an assorted plate of goodies from last night


Nice! Those look awesome! Yes I enjoy my figs a lot too. I probably have 100 trees. I need to cull some, which is OK. I will have what works here, fits a niche like early, mid and late. Productive ones too if decent.Also these trees seem to adapt fairly well. Every year my Panache ripens more figs. This year it looks like all will ripen before the end of the season. A flood of figs are about to occur. many new ones I will get a taste of for the first time.
All my fruit has been excellent this year. I just harvested My Einset grapes. Like 7 giant bowls of them.They are extremely sweet this year. The green chili’s are coming in! Time for some Tex-Mex dishes! The blueberries are winding down but the fall raspberries are just starting.


These look awesome! What varieties are they? Which varieties are your top five?


You either only grow jammy figs, or your climate makes any fig jammy :relaxed:


Mostly the climate. :slight_smile:


More ripen figs today.


If you can help me
I’m trying to get a few good early ripe figs for the Puget Sound Lowlands.
Desert King is everywhere, but I want something else.
What is the best way to get Fig cuttings to root?


There are a lot of good resources on the 'Net. As one poster mentioned above, has a ton of great resources and knowledge.

You should also look up Ben B’s videos on youtube, he’s in the Seattle area and his videos should help you pick some new varieties. He also has a good blog:


He’s really into figs!


Here is my fig with fruits this year, this is second yield this year on this fig bush :relaxed::relaxed: .