Nice pictures!

There’s some AI smoothing that’s obscuring a lot of the details. Were these taken on portrait mode? Might be worthwhile to see if you can set depth of field, or perhaps use a landscape mode, to get clearer shots.

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Your figs are way ahead of mine

brought indoors march 1st

Oh yea. This mature batch of trees just explodes every year fruiting. This is on a property the ladies rent to have an outlet store for estate sale extras. Lots of figs and muscadine grapes are here. The grapes are loaded too.

It is a real shame; we know of a dozen huge grape plantings no one ever picks. Thousands of gallons of grapes literally. The last few generations just do not bother them at all.

If I had any sense I’d get picking rights on paper and get in the jelly and wine business.

Ours at the Grassy Pond Farm are fruiting too. But two are about your tree’s size and one is twice the size.