Figs in Europe

Hello everyone.
Im. Living in Portugal. Moved her from New Jersey, USA a few years ago.

When I bought my small house here in Portugal it came with 3 fig tress. That I’m trying to transforme in a bunch of varieties on all 3.

The tomatoes and peppers are growing… Time to Graf the figs…

This one tree I’m putting 8 varieties on it. Hope to put another 8 next year.

Anyone trade fig cuttings?

Now I was wondering if there was anyone with extra cuttings and wouldn’t mind sending me a few to graft or plant in bucket to graft next year.


The humidity in this bag is too high. You need to open it regularly and wipe up the condensation.

If you want to avoid this, you can seal your scions by wrapping them with parafilm or covering them with grafting wax instead. Aditionally, you can also wrap the scions with aluminium foil to protect them from strong sun during the time they heal.

Be aware that this bag heats up like a mini greenhouse and potentially cooks your scions.


Yep I actually only noticed it in the foto. Will do that tomorrow

Unfortunately, you cannot do much, if any, trading of scion wood across the Atlantic. Both the US and EU have laws preventing the transfer of plant material in order to cut down on the spread of disease and pests. I believe that it is much easier to trade stuff within the EU.

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And now with the new virus it’s going to even more difficult.

It’s really difficult now. Nothing is passing…

Only thing passing is seeds.
I just sent to new jersey some tomato seeds from here and they received them last week.


What do you have in mind? Most varieties in the US originated from other countries, and a big portion was from Europe. You can trade with any EU member. Are you looking for anything specific?


If you go to ourfigs you can meet other growers in Portugal. Which has some of the best figs ever! Look for Violeta, Paraíso., Figo Rei, Preto de Torres Novas and Moscatel Preto

All Portuguese figs that are excellent. Many others are great too!


LOL! I live in Fátima, very near Torres Novas. It’s the fig capital in Portugal. They dry the figo preto.

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Drew those are the ones I’m been looking for.
I have pingo de mel and a black one. In the area whee I live Cartaxo that’s about all I find.

Luís do you have any?
Figo preto big and small I have those and pingo de mel.

Trying to get a few From all. Over.
Have 4 daughters and the only fruit they like eating is figs and peaches.

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No, i just have pingo de mel… não ligo muito a figos. Para nós é normal…

There are at least 2 users that have most of the known figs that live in Portugal Also many stone fruits from here.
You can find them on One guy you want to know goes by the handle Jsacadura.
He has an amazing collection of figs and stone fruit. I heard he did have some family issues, so not sure how active he is now? I have not heard from him in a long time.

Também não ligo. Mas as miúdas adoram pôr isso tentar enxartar qualidades differents.

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Ok thanks.

If you do find him please say hello from drew51 on Others here know him too. You heard of Google translate right? Don’t care for figs!? What! My mom would say
Ludzie nie mają sensu! She was Polish.

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Do you use facebook, sometimes cuttings are available here