Figs might be ready for 2021

Another rough start for my inground figs with temps below zero several nights and days.Most my ingrounds look very green, tipped them, no sap flowing. My potted ones are outside for the next 10 days, have been repotted, all are tipped, ready to go.
Citrus are all doing good, being coup up still.


My poor figs are deep in dormancy. I do have 2 in ground. I don’t protect them except for about a foot of mulch to protect the low buds. Florea dies to the ground except the low buds but even in years in dies low it’s early enough to produce fruit. The other fig was scraped and used to fill a hole my dog dug. But it decided it was not done and started growing. It’s never fruited, but I don’t have the heart to remove it.
Most of my gardening is inside the house right now.

My inground fig tree’s look ok, hard telling.


You may be jumping the gun somewhat. My figs don’t
outside, until after the last frost(freeze), which we usually get in late March.
You may loose all of that green growth.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I loose them. My back up container tree’s make up big time.

All looks great!

I have been wondering if there is any serious drawback to moving some of my figs from the basement to the garage (unattached) at this point in the spring. Our chances of getting temps much lower than the mid-teens is dropping quickly.

My biggest problem in the next 45 or so days (when I likely will be moving them out anyway) is that too many of them break dormancy early and then seem stunted once they have to deal with the actual outdoor conditions…


After tonight would probably be fine. If dormant the 25F low is safe, I think they can go to 20F but why push it? I plan to take stone fruit scion after tonight.

Yes, maybe open the garage on nice days. Mine are getting close too. Not a good answer here, still trying to figure this out. Still weak growth that dies is better than dead frozen wood. I notice the Mt Etna’s tend to stay dormant longer, they really do fit here better.

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