Figs of 2023

Trees never cease to amaze me. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the fig shapes trend away from the norm on certain trees. They also have an ability to do well in zones they aren’t supposed to. For so long I was told only to grow desert king in Oregon, that main crop figs aren’t worth focusing on in the PNW. Yet I have several in ground figs that produce wonderful main crop figs for me.


Easton Purple is holding really well in the rain. Still excellent flavor.


Sister Madeline Green Greek. Perfect shape in the rain. Holds flavor really well.


that’s beautiful


White Marseilles?

First BM of the season and stella


Yes, that is a White Marseilles, or a Lattarula/Italian Honey which is a more general name.


Here are some pictures today, the angle makes the first picture looks more rounded, but it’s actually elongated.

So this is a breba or main crop?

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Breba, not more main crop, they are gone.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but breba don’t come after main crop. Not on the same variety.


I thought brebas are from old wood and main crop from new growth this year. My tree is 95% brebas and only 5% main crop. They happen to mature at different time.

Breba ripen first on old wood. Then main crop ripen a month or two later on new wood.

They are from old wood, so brebas.

Too much rain!:weary:

This Exquisito was starting to split so I picked it early. Still very sweet but the few I picked last week are at the top of my fig taste experience this year.

This next one is a new one for me called Zaffiro and this was my first fig.
Despite all this rain it showed no intention of splitting. It probably could have used another day or two, but I got greedy and Mr. Mockingbird was taunting me.


@ Dom

Those two figs are new and talked a lot.

Like to know what you think. Just honest opinion. About their flavor profiles.

@RedSun Exquisito is a winner for me so far and it’s only first year of production.

It’s already shown it can be productive, It’s incredibly sweet, it leaves a sticky honey like coating in the mouth and the flavor is very different than any other figs I have right now. The skin has some thickness to it which gives it a nice bite but it’s not chewy.

It does not have the flavor of your typical honey fig nor that of a typical berry fig.
I would describe it as very sweet, very light berry, almost fruity with a very mild figgy flavor.
Again different/ unusual to any fig I ever tasted.
I look forward to tasting more this year and next.

Zaffiro the only and only taste, all I got was simple sweet honey taste (think kadota).
I could tell it was watered down too with all the rain and it should have ripened another day or two. Eye was tight though and it showed no intent on splitting like many if not all of the honey figs do. This needs more time and tastes to give you a better description.


Here are the yellow sugar type of figs I’ve harvested this year:

Flanders: caramel and complex flavors some say “tropical”.
Easton Purple: caramel and berry combined. To me, the flavor is stronger than Flanders. Not figgy
English BT: LaRadek EBT, Frank’s Carini, both are like Olympian, but should be even better flavors. Both are heavy producers
Golden Rainbow: large juicy sugar bomb. Over-powering.

I did not include the light honey type of figs, like White Marseilles etc. Neither the melon type of figs like Sicilian White, Atreano etc.

Not sure if those two fit into any of the figs above.


@RedSun I’ve tried multitudes of the EBT variants and I can say Exquisito is quite different tasting.

I never have tried Flanders, Easton purple or Golden rainbow.

From your description of Golden rainbow being a “sugar bomb” I can say Exquisito is similar in the fact that it’s super sweet.



The Golden Rainbow is the most powerful fig I’ve ever tasted. I picked a ripe fig that is 65g large from a 2nd year tree in 3G pot. It is larger than an egg.

The amount of sugar is just unbelievable. I normally do not talk about fig flavor. But this one is special.


Pingo de mel