Figs of 2023

I’m not seeing a 2023 fig thread. So here goes since I just got my first breba today.


Very nice! Nothing yet here. We had a chilly spring and everything is a few weeks behind. This hot weather should catch us up soon.


I had a breba from my black zadar a few weeks ago. Was fantastic! Can’t wait for the main crop.


Excited for these clusters on Fiorone Oro too.


Those look fantastic. What kinds of methods do you use to grow figs in a zone 6? Do you cut them down to the ground each fall?

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For all my in ground ones, yes, they die back to the ground each year. I’ve been working on finding figs that can die back and still produce in a short growing season. I’ve got some winners but am still doing trials. I’ve got about 50 figs in ground and another 60 or so in pots at the moment.


florea is right on time here for me.

white Genoa is loaded, still hard and green.

lake spur has one stick and is still trying to make a singular fig.

negronne has a lot, they’re coloring up.

black Bethlehem is just getting going. these are very large figs for the plant size.


Do you keep the potted figs in a greenhouse?

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Fiorone Oro is a reliable breba producer for me. It however drops all main crop. I suspect it is a San Pedro.


one Desert King tree produces far more than all my other trees put together.

Granthams Royal — large tasty heavy producer

Oro Rosato aka Fiorone Oro


Looking good, Ram!
I tend to prune my figs too hard to get many brebas. But it’s always a pleasant surprise to get a few (if the local wildlife don’t get them first) at this time of year.


Saw this in one of my groups. This is Philadelphia PA. Poster said that many streets in Philly have fig trees. Said that tree is loaded with thousands of figs.


All my figs are a bit late as they were just plugs or small potted plants, save for a couple bigger ones from local big box stores. I got everything in ground at the end of April. Been lucky to have some two to three feet of growth on them since, and a good number of figs on the way. I grew up eating celeste and the occasional brown turkey, still I’m looking forward to trying a bunch of figs I’ve never had before.

End of April



LSU Scott’s Black

LSU O’Rourke


Looking good! So the lakespur isn’t doing well for you? I’ve found that it isn’t very vigorous for me either. On the other hand, the white marsellés and the black zadar have put on over a meter of growth since May. Impressive.

Are you interested in growing pomegranates? Would it be too cold to grow them outside in your area?

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I think it’s too cold!

lake spur has grown leaves galore but not tried to make more than the one. it just might be slower?

Had my first Conadria breba last night and unfortunately I had to pick it a little early since the critters have taken every breba from this tree the past 2 years and I wasnt about to let it happen again. The tree is loaded with main crop and I got to try one last season that the animals missed. This variety does really well for me in the Puget Sound area of Western Washington.


Conadria (“Condit’s Adriatic”) is from a batch of seedlings that also produced DiRedo and UCR 143-5.

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My Chicago Hardy Aug 4.

It is a little behind norm this year… our extra cold spell in Dec caused delays in sprouting (even though protected). Most of the shoots up this year came back from the roots.

9 shoots… pulled out well for sun to all.

The tallest shoots are over 8 ft now… and they normally reach 11 ft or so by November.

400+ figs last year… may be less this year.


Some of today’s fig harvest. They’re shaping up but slightly over watered.