Figs vs Meiwa kumquat

This seedling Meiwa tree is 4 times older than this new fig growth. Why am I bothering with Meiwa kumquats.


It’s easy to get too much time and finances invested in things that don’t yield results. Im tempted to try and grow a bunch of citrus in a zone 8 climate and i don’t even really like citrus that much.

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I just went from zone 6a to 6b with a fig growing season of may 15 to September 30 = 4 months 2 weeks. I need to start figs indoors 2 months early to get enough growing time for a good harvest. Citrus trees slow down but don’t grow dormant in winter. In my area that is 6 months indoors. Zone 8 citrus can be grown in ground outside and do fine if you get early ripening varieties. Figs also do great in zone 8 in ground or pots

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Figs are probably my easiest tree here because of climate and my soil, but they do seem to need protecting the first couple of years. Nothing like having to start them early in a greenhouse though