Finally got a pollinator tree...four years later

I saw these at HD today. It’s a four in one Plum. The one I already had is the Burbank plum. That should do the trick. The plum varieties on this new tree are Mt Royal, Burbank, Santa Rosa and Blue Damson. I might add a shiro this year too.


Before finding this forum I didn’t realize I needed a pollinator for my Honey Jar jujube. I’m hoping the Sugar Cane grafted last year does the trick. More or less this is me saying, you’re not alone!


I’m not really sure what I like in the way of plums yet, although I’ve had really good ones from the market, and really … cardboard ones. I bought a plum from a box store about htree years ago, mostly because it was the last one there. It thanked me by never leafing out. I finally gave up on it last fall and ordered a rootstock, which arrived a couple weeks ago and thanked me with prompt leafage. It is forked already, so I have opted to try a persian green plum on one branch this year and will add something else to the other next year.
So, here’s hoping you not only have a good pllinator, but several varieties you find you enjoy.