Finding unusual plum trees for sale

I’ve been looking all day for unusual plum trees for sale and other than southmeadow can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. If anyone know where to get a alabaster or great yellow tree let me know. I guess grafting is the next option but I could not find scion wood for sale either everyone is concentrating on apples. Thanks

Wrong season. :slight_smile:

Guess I will wait till December then. Thank you

I think @PlumHill would have scions or suggestions. You might see this thread A Yellow Plum for other members who might have suggestions. You might read this article about the gentleman that own this website I did not see the plum listed but I suspect it was at one time or came directly from California rare fruit growers

Thanks for all the replies. I will look into those articles and try crfg never thought of them. Seen them referenced before though.

I have great yellow and alabaster, will have scion wood later, remind me.


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Thank you so much I will remind and send a self addressed envelope pre-paid.