Finger lime growing

I have a green and red finger lime trees in 3 gallon pots too small to carry much fruit. Finger lime cuttings after a few weeks. Leaves have yellowed a little. I took off the zip lock bag that I keep over the pot to keep the cuttings moist for the picture. I ususally don’t bother to root FL cuttings as they are so thorny. Finger lime budwood on right. Hard to find it as large as this and would like to see it bigger.


How long before yours bears fruit?

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How old will they be before they bear fruit? One of mine had flowers last year but no limes.

Anytime, they are not seedlings, they are grafted or cuttings

I am interested as I have two. Last year one had flowers the second did not. This year the other is producing flowers and its a bit too early to tell about the other. I have had them for 3 years and they were over a year old when I bought them. I grow them in pots as I have only a terrace. How old are yours and have they produced flowers and fruit?

They took 2-3 years before fruit and then most flowers fell off