Fire Blight ID

I’ve looked at 100 pictures of fire blight on line and read threads here. But I can’t decide if this is fire blight. It’s on a grafted rootstock that actually took. All the new growth is affected. I keep thinking this might be aphid damage.ive noticed a lot of aphids lately. Our weather has been too cool to promote diseases. Highs in 60’s and lows in 40’s. No humidity. We did get 2 inches of rain over Friday and Saturday.
Any thoughts?
If it indeed is FB, do I have to rub off all the new growth? No branches to cut off really since it’s just a tiny rootstock. Appreciate your thoughts.

Oh one more thing. It was in a pot and I planted in ground last week.

If it’s fb there is nothing you’ll be able to do to save it. I won’t rub off the leaves.

Given that it was just planted I’d think it’s more likely stress from being moved. I think you should wait and see what happens next. Take the best care you can and hope it pulls thru.


Should I spray sulfur on it? Or Nothing will cure FB after it hits the plant?

I’d say it’s not FB

Giving me so much hope!!! :heart_eyes:

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There are no cures for fb after it’s in the plant. Cutting it out is about all there is at that point. On this small plant that’s not a viable option. If it’s in this little plant it’s likely already in the roots making it too late for surgery. Sulfur won’t help.

There’s a good chance it’s not fb and if so there’s still hope.

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Thank you. Let’s hope so.

I don’t think it’s FB either. Just be patient and I think the plant
will get past this normal reaction to a new graft.


Does not look like firelight to me either, it looks like the leaves were damaged by insects, actually it looks like damage caused by aphids.

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