Fire Blight on Enterprise Apple?

It’s been an awfully hot and humid summer in Buck’s County, PA. I suspect this is fire blight on my Enterprise Apple and needs to be completely removed. Can I safely replace it in the spring without fear of recurrence?

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No I dont believe you have a fireblight issue. Not exactly sure what your cause is, the “green” leaves dont look healthy either. Only thing that will help limit fireblight is planting a variety that has good resistance and spraying. That tree will have no bearing on the survivability of the tree planted in its spot. Fireblight is spread by the wind and birds.

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Reminds me of a patient in a hospital…one that gets so much attention he/she can’t get any sleep for being given medicines or some test at all hours of the day/night.

I don’t think it is fireblight, either.

I don’t think it’s fireblight from the appearance of the leaves. Also Enterprise is resistant to fireblight. Do you see the condition on other apple trees nearby? Many apple trees are susceptible to fireblight and I would expect to see it on other trees that are susceptible

You might post some close up pictures of the leaves and branches. Especially leaves that are in areas between the healthy areas and diseased areas. The more pictures the better.

Try to remove some dirt around the base of the tree and see what’s there (abnormal growths, fungus, rot,etc.). I would also check the soil moisture level. Your grass is green so I don’t think low moisture is a problem. Have you had high rainfall or even standing water around the tree? Also what roostock is the tree on?

The tree may pull thru but it’s hard to say if the condition is unknown.

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