Fire Blight Treatment

Last year, my fruit trees had very serious fire blight. This year I will focus on controlling this disease.
I heard that spraying streptomycin sulfate from flowering time till fall can prevent FB.
Does anyone has good experience to fight with FB?

I use southern ag copper + southern ag spreader sticker during dormant season. And streptomycin + sticker during growing season. The schedule should be dictated by your local / state agricultural resource.

Thank you for your answer!
How many times do you spray streptomycin + sticker?
I spray lime sulfur in dormant time.

I use this schedule because I live in California. You should try to find something specific for your state.

I recommend kocide 3000 copper spray pre bloom only.

Copper has nothing to do with my fruit trees. Almost useless.
Too much rain in spring time. Last year my backyard looked like a swamp.

Who knows where to buy Nufilm 17 cheaper?
I found the cheapest one on web for $63.25, No tax, Free shipping。

I got it here a while back, not sure how much shipping would be for you.[term-name]/nufilm-17-extender-sticker-spreader

There are so many types of copper. It could be useless if you use the weak kind of copper and spray at the wrong time. Copper is both fungicide and bacteriacide.

Kocide is copper hydroxide. It is one of the very good ones.
You may want to read up before spraying streptomycin.

The place I bought Nufilm from is Seven Springs Farm.

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Last year I had the worst year ever. So I studied how to use streptomycin.
I will see if it indeed can control FB.
Copper sprayer May work, but FB is too serious in my backyard.

Thank you.
This might be the cheapest price that I can find.

One of effective ways to reduce and/or prevent fire blight problem is to remove the blight-prone varieties. Many people know this but do not want to do it.

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Fireblight strains do exist which are resistant to strep. It’s concerning that we’re seeing this problem given that so little research is being done on new antibiotics.

So far I’ve managed to avoid any serious problem by avoiding vigorous growth (by careful pruning and restricted nitrogen use) and by holding my breath. On the few occasions I’ve suspected FB I’ve cut deeply and promptly and bleached the cut. I’ve gotten away with it so far, but we’ll see.

Dripping honey is one of the weak varieties to resistant to FB. But I will keep it anyway. My kids love the dripping honey pears so much that they asked to eat every afternoon after they came back from school.

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There are many types of fireblight and it sounds like that is a very agressive strain. I grow Drippin’ Honey with only occasional issues.