First apple of '22

Consumed my first ripe apple of the year: Pristine. Not bad. Last year was the first time bearing for my two trees, and I was so impressed I ordered three more. I must say they were better last year: larger and crunchier. We have had a very trying year what with my accident and subsequent neglect. Then we had no rain, very high temps, now over twelve inches in less than two weeks. I still am very impressed with this apple. It is prone to water core, but for personal consumption that’s negligible. I never had a summer apple I liked until this one.


My favorite too. They are not grown in France.

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Can you grow one?

Can’t get the tree or scion.

Behold the first crop of Williams pride off my four year old trees. I know they are small, but I am utterly delighted to have gotten apples at all. Cotton root rot took out the other Williams pride tree, among others.

Kind of tough, but had a fresh sweet taste.