First apricot failure

I am fascinated. I have never grown fruit trees in pots before. I confirmed the death of my apricot tree today, which really is upsetting. I live in apricot heaven and I think I killed it with care. Over-care I guess can become overkill! Off to the nursery next weekend to buy a replacement and buy new soil. There goes a year!


Hopefully this new one will thrive and give you plenty of fruits. What variety will it be?

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Rouge de Roussillion. A favorite of mine here. I am buying a new one.


Could you be able to figure out why it died. It could prevent the same issue with a new tree.

You don’t want to be known as a serial apricot killer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Can you hear me laughing, I know you can! Too much water and no early accessibility to a fungicide. And this winter-spring we have had tons of water! The rest of the trees are fine. I promise not to kill this one!


Can you add some playsand in the mix for better drainage.

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Yes. Also our water is filled with calcium. It is why the soil in the vineyards look and feel like cement! Great idea Tony, thanks!

Can you have them drill more draining holes to the pot (not the decorative one.)

The hole at the bottom is large. And no drilling. All of the other trees are fine. This one was destroyed by canker.

If you can add more perlite, pumice or diatomaceous earth (sold as oil absorbent, not the powder) if you need to increase drainage. It’s not easy growing trees in pots. It can be done though.

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I wonder if the tree had canker from the nursery. With pots, it may not be from soil.

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The gardens here are filled with fruit trees in pots. I’ll catch on! The soil they sell is excellent by the way. But they are shy on additives. It is also easy to buy professional sprays here. Since I have a terrace, and confined space, I feel better about spraying with my very small hand sprayer. Thanks Drew!

Nope, they didn’t the trees arrived clean as I picked them out myself and was a harsh critic. I could not find a good fungicide in time and Indar is not sold here. Our insect problem is not as bad as RI, which was miserable. We do have OFM and airborne diseases due to the wind. I have purchases two fungicides that I will try. Copper will be good but I don’t know the French word for Sticker, so I’ve been using olive oil!

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How about using the word “spray adjuvants” to translate into French?

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Not sure what you meant by “collant”?

French for stick