First Asian Pears on tree

I was excited to have my Asian pear flower for the first time and now have fruit on the tree. The tree is 5 years old. I started it from seed in 2013. I planted it in its current location in 2014.


That’s neat! 5 years from seed. Do you happen to have the progress of the tree pics?
I have a peach seedling started from seed last year. Doing so great that I grafted 5 varieties to it and they all took and growing well now. I wonder if I can expect fruit next year. I’d think peach fruit earlier than Asian pear. So if you got fruit on your Asian pear in 5 years maybe it’s not all that unreasonable to expect fruit from peach in year 3.

I got fruit off my apricot tree in five years. I started it from seed in 2007 and picked my first apricots in 2012. I have gotten fruit off of it every year since.

I do have pictures of it’s progress but they are on an old computer. It will take me some time to get them together.

That’s exciting! I was out baging about 60 on my 20th Century tree tonight. I baged all the ones without pc bites on them. I’m not sure if pc is a big deal on pears. I thinned all but one to a cluster and in the flowering stage I cut two thirds of the flowers right off. They set way more fruit than they can handle. I didn’t even bother with my Sheshinski pear tree. It has bite marks on every fruit! I have pc really bad this year and triazicide doesn’t work on them. Boo! It looks like you have a bite mark on one of yours too. It doesn’t take them long. I baged almost 500 fruits. I have a feeling all my cherries will get bit too. I guess next year I will invest in surround.