First Barbie Pink Guava

First one I’ve harvested really delicious
Brix 16


When did the name “Barbie” become attached to a guava?

Not sure it’s just the name of the cultivar, so prolly when someone named a seedling that

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When did you obtain your tree?

From just fruits and exotics spring/summer of 22 I believe around about that time

It’s an interesting looking fruit… Large.

Several places are selling it. Here is one with a description.

Barbie Pink Guava Tree (Psidium guajava)

Just fruits and exotics has it for like $30 I think, really nice looking tree also, and mine was actually last October so I’ve had it exactly one year and I thinned tons of fruit off of it and it had this one and 19 more to go. It’s like 6ft tall and wide approximately

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It appears that the name came before the movie.

Great variety of tropical guava with really sweet flesh. My trees finished ripening all their fruit 2 weeks ago in the high tunnel and that was after they made it through 12F last year under frost blankets with no damage. I sourced mine from Agristarts and we still have 1 gallon plants available if anyone is looking for this cultivar.


Yeah I’m taking some cuttings gonna try an in ground planting next year, pretty certain one will thrive on the south wall of the house with a tad of protection.

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What a nice wide selection of things y’all have also :+1:t3:

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Just bought two of these Barbie Guava from Trustyfarms. Helpful folks.

I’m planning two horizontal cordon espaliers with mine.

Because they are small and it’s headed into fall, I will not plant them out until about late March early April. Hopefully the following winter they can tough it out or make it with some minimal protection.


My two Barbie Pink Guava arrived
from Trusty Farms. Good shape. Some bark rubbed off at the base of one of the trees. Should be fine though.