First day of spring in sunny Arizona!

Apple graft

Fig graft

Apple graft

Baby grapes


Had to take a break to take the family to church. Ok spring is calf time. Here is the little bull calf that was born 3 days ago.


Garlic and Onions


Hollyhocks are beginning to open flowers

White Sapote fruiting for the first time

Katy apricots carrying a nice load

Got the Farmall torn apart to fix the steering box

Starfruit are total over-achievers

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Beautiful! Great pics.

Black Boy Peach flowers

Satsuma graft growing very fast

Every year in Late February early March the aphids show up. They are followed shortly after by the ladybug bloom

Spice Zee putting on a pretty show. No damn fruit but a pretty show.

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Tiny plums

Nadia Flowers

More ladybugs

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Blackberry flowering

Blueberry grapes leafing out. They completely cover that wall by june.

Sweet corn is up

Early peaches are golf ball sized already
Looking down the rows in the peach section


Beautiful pics Eric

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Id like to take credit, but its really the $400 camera I just bought. lol

One last picture. This is Jason Hightower’s mystery peach he sent. Its going gangbusters Jason.

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I need a new one. What did you buy?

Remarkable and beautiful. Thank you!

Its a Canon. Pretty darn happy with it.

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Can you tell us anything about Black Boy peach? Never heard of that one I don’t think.

And also your farm looks amazing. If I lived close I would volunteer to help you for sure bet I could learn a lot!

Looks really good! Maybe you will be able to identify it when it fruits. The grafts I made last spring are blooming now.

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Eric, I’m glad you got that new camera because now we’re likely to see even more farm pics from you! I find your photo-documentaries very enjoyable. You get such fun toys!

You put me to shame with the way that you keep your farm so much more tidy and eye appealing than I manage to do with my residential land. :hushed:

Looking forward to watching the progress throughout the year.

How old,tall,big is the Sapote? Brady

Black boy is a all red New Zealand variety that Raintree started propagating a few years ago. Hugely popular in Kiwiville (im first generation American from a immigrant NZ family) I decided that I should give it a trial though I have no idea if it will really fruit well for me here in low chill land. Its flowering with my very latest peach varieties so we shall see.

Thanks for the kind words folks. Its a labor of love and isnt as clean and tidy as my selective pictures show. lol I do it for my kids (not that they appreciate it).

That Sapote is 5 years in the ground and about 18 ft tall. A very strong grower, freeze tolerant, doesnt take much water. I wish white sapote got more attention here…but alas the fruit growing culture in town has its head in its posterior.