First Decent Fruit this Year

This year had the longest, coldest spring and early summer that I can remember. My peaches are very small.

To make matters worse, I over watered my apricots and they were 6 brix lower than usual, and they split on the blossom end.

Earlystar and Harrow Diamond sized up ok, but brix was 10 to 12.

Early Redhavens were very small, but slightly better at 12 to 15 brix. Still not great.

Redhavens and Saturn are just starting to ripen, two weeks late. Picked some today. Redhavens are a little small. I haven’t tried one yet.

Saturn looks to be doing well. Tested two today, 15 and 18 brix. This is the first good fruit so far.

Redhavens and Saturns picked today: