First fig!

Hi all, picked and ate my very sweet and very round first ‘Ronde de Bordeaux’ fig this afternoon they seem to plump up quickly and sweeten fast too! It was really good.


That’s a very good choice for your patio. Congratulations!

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Thanks Richard, many more on the way. They are ripening quickly.

A beauty!

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Yum! RdB won a blind fig tasting a few years ago at a chefs’ convention at the Greenbriar Resort in WV. I love it at dead ripe but here it can split with rain. Bill Landis at Off The Beaten Path Nursery in PA touts Des Tres Esplets (Spain) as similar RdB taste but with strong split resistance. I doubt Provence gets much rain in summer.


I just put one RDB in the ground this year, it started ripening it’s figs on Aug 1, and yes it seems to easily split, even with little rain… Now I am wondering, what other top quality, split resistant and early fig I can put in the ground?

I have Smith and Hative de Argentil, both are first year rooted/grafted, their figs are not ripe yet, so not sure how they will behave…


Congrats, Mrs. G.,
My RdB is one of a few that ripens early for me. I like the taste.

Because almost all my figs are in pots, they all split if it rains heavily and often enough during ripening time including Smith.

@hambone Spain fig sounds interesting. Where I am I need early ripening figs.

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Figs that have long necks and tight eyes…
Those physical features help… they hang with the eye down because of the long neck… and if you have a tight eye too… less likely to get rain inside to spoil.

I have heard that Celeste and Hunt… possibly yellow long neck, and even olympian work better than most.

I have a Chicago Hardy and if it has been dry and we get a big rain… it will split many of those that are near ripe… but a week later… more are ripening and do well.

Think I will try Olympian next here.
Huge figs, long necks, taste way different than CH.

Mellineal Gardner is in location that gets very heavy rains regular when figs are ripening… he says Celeste is his most bullet proof rain resistent fig.

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We have had little to no rain in two months.

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They haven’t split yet, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Even watering makes them swell quickly. I have to water carefully. I want the taste to mature, as well as the fig!

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If you do not have to worry about rain dumping excessive water on your potted figs, you have control over how much and how often you water your pots. I do not let the pots totally dry out between watering.

Do you have Florea or Iranian Candy? Earliest figs for many and people like the taste but I don’t grow them. The search continues for an earlier (not exactly early) Adriatic category green fig/strawberry jam, but I doubt you have enough season for that.

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@JesseinMaine gave me Florea. The cuttings grew well until I up potted them. I think the media was contaminated. They all died!!

We are on constant water watch here. But I water thoroughly every two days. The figs get bigger by the minute. I will need advice on pruning as my fig tree is sprawling.


Actually I would like a fig that is later. I live in the land of figs and I would like to find one that is sweet, large and green on the outside. I do not have names of variteties as of yet. The figs in the marché are too soft for me and very sticky!

When I bought figs at farmer’s markets in Vienna and Nurnberg, they were great-looking, and large but tasted so bland. It was disappointing experience.

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I have two later season Adriatics- green outside/strawberry jam inside: Battaglia Green and Adriatic-JH. Both would love your spot, I believe. Fabulous taste on both, AJH is a bit earlier than BG but BG is larger.

Green Ischia aka Verte may be more available in Europe- same Adriatic attributes.


For some reason figs are late here this year. But I have both Adriatic JH and White Madeira No 1.

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I read from ourfigs that Smith and HDA are very similar. I have HDA so I won’t try to acquire Smith.