First fruit of the season

Cherries are ripening nicely. Technically they arent the first fruit of the season. We have had passionfruit for month, startfruit, and lately loquat too. So I guess its the first northern fruit.


Yummy. What variety? Is that happy smiling face in the pic yours?

Those are mainly Minnie Royals, the Royal Lee’s are a few days behind. Yep thats me in the flesh. Thats my gloating smile, because of course if you ask around anywhere you will plainly be told that its impossible to grow what I have in my hands in Phoenix Arizona.

That just makes them all the sweeter!

I like that picture. It doesn’t look like gloating. It looks happy and friendly. It gives me an entirely different image of you than I got from your partial shot in your icon.


Oh the Icon isnt me, thats bubbles. Goggle Trailer Park Boys… :slight_smile: Thank you, I feel pretty happy and friendly today. Just settled a contract to sell my second home for a excellent price and will be totally debt free in 30 days, sweet corn is coming up fast, Peaches are just about ready to start its 3 month long season. Apricots are 3 weeks away, and my hands are full of cherries. Whats not to be happy about!


Savor the day! It sounds wonderful.

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Wow, Eric, your cherries are about a month ahead of when mine will be ripe. Lovely photo, enjoy!

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Congrats Eric,
Your Fruit and Trees look AWESOME.
Cherry yields usually go up exponentially as the trees get older. The years to come are looking good for you.
Congrats again on all your hard work.
Thanks for sharing your photos and inspiring us with your success.

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Nice. I guess you don’t get a ton of cracking from rain immediately preceding ripening.

How are your yields, are the trees loaded?

Rain this time of year is rare so no crack issues. Yields are low for now, these are just 3rd year trees. I expect in the next few years that will significantly improve.

Way to go, Eric! How do they taste? What other cherry are they comparable to?

Badass. lol Im not really a cherry connoisseur but my wife is very happy, thats about all the input ive got. Really quite thrilled that they are this early. In the future it will give us something to sell in late April other than loquats starfruit and passionfruit (most people dont even know what those are). Cherries people WILL stop for.

What a great image, thanks for sharing. When people ask me why grow fruit, I’m going to tell them to come here and look at your picture…that’s joy.

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