First fruits of the year Zone 7b/8a

Anyone else enjoy these? The evergreen elaeagnus is such a superb all around shrub. It blooms and smells heavenly in the early winter, it fixes nitrogen supposedly, it makes a pretty privacy hedge/windbreak, birds love to nest in it, and finally it gives quite tasty, super nutritious fruits way before anything else. I know, I know, it’s invasive and whatnot, but some of these wild ones produce fruit that rivals supermarket berries in flavor, in March!

I’m not sure why the steak knife is included, maybe I did it for size reference. I was using it for weeding then took a berry break, but it has nothing to do with the boo-boo on the finger.


I like the looks of your knife and what appear to be goumi.

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I tried to buy a goumi this year, but everywhere was sold out. They look like the old candy jelly beans.

I hear it is autumn olive, not goumi that is invasive.

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Everything was set back by that deep freeze. I’d usually be enjoying these things by now. They’re still flowering here.