First harvest of 2019

It was a cold and rainy day. Our first real rain since fall, about 1 inch. Even the greenhouse is cold. But I did harvest the first ripe fruit of the yr, Obsidian blackberry. Very nice sweet/tart taste. I’ve been holding back on water to sweeten them up and it seems to be working.

I’ve sampled the Royal Rainier cherries but they aren’t fully ripe yet. Tasty Rich apriums are a week or less from starting. Robada is starting to color up.


Royal Rainier cherries

Cherry and Tasty Rich

Bing cherry

Robada apricot


Picture perfect as always!!! Fruitnuts apricots always make me drool. Just too perfect!! Please post again when they are ripe just before you pick them. It will be killer!


Thanks for posting this. I could almost smell those apricots

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Such beautiful fruit! My mouth is watering and I won’t be able to enjoy anything like that for at least a couple more months my way.


Interesting - caged brambles


They’re trailing types so the cage is just a way to support the vines. I’ve done them in pots in other ways in the past. This might be called a Christmas Wreath Training System…lol Just keep running the canes in a circle. Don’t tip them or they go every which way.


Fresh fruit in April. I can’t imagine. Looks wonderful!


Does it take leather gloves to wrap the Obsidian?bb



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Yes it takes really good gloves to do anything to Obsidian. But it’s the one blackberry that has survived my reductions in force and that includes Marionberry. For a pot it’s the best in terms of taste and production.

I now also have Columbia Star in the same container. So next yr the harvest will be spread out even more.

I’d like to try PR Freedom but bought PR 45 because the local nursery had it in stock. My Black Diamond may get replaced by Marionberry if it, BD, doesn’t taste better this yr. That nursery is also carrying Marionberry.

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My first ripe plum/pluot. This one was slightly under ripe and purposely picked at this stage. Late cold weather eliminated most of my stone fruit but I do have a small amount remaining. Spring Satin is a great way to kick off the season. Next up will probably be Carolina Red June apple.


I would have picked it too! :heart:


I see you live down south in Alabama? I guess May you got fruit! Lucky. In WA, we just have little things still. I expect wild strawberries to be ripe 1st.

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I was surprised last year that SS ripen this early. This year confirmed the ripening time. Cold weather gets most of my plums including this year. As of now I haven’t had any disease on it.

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How great! I planted a multigraft plum,so this is 1st year to bear anything. We shall see. I also have a few 1st cherries to be ready soon. I do not expect the blossoms on the newly planted persimmon to persist as everybody says they drop, but I am happy to have my trees in my small garden. My neighbors are mostly poor, and they love looking at the yard. I have inspired some apartment neighbors to do a shared garden…and my cat visited it today.


I’ve got some on 5 trees with that color too. But I must say at this stage they’re no where near ripe

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If not fall off, and will be November harvest, I counted just over 50 persimmon buds…

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Ate my first apricots today — a couple of Apache from a last year graft. Pretty decent for mid May.

Also some mulberry.



What are your best tasting yellow and white cots? Top three ?