First Harvest of Dapple Fire Pluot

Dapple fire goes on the line of the Dapple series pluots.
Very good flavor, and perhaps a little less acidity than its serial brothers.



Outstanding color, inside and out!



Hi Richard and Darrell.
I bought the Dapple Fire variety a few years ago at Adams County Nursery, along with 5 or 6 other varieties of pluots from the growers catalog (I was very lucky).

Yes, apart from having a very good size, this variety has a very beautiful colour, both externally and internally.

I have 2 young trees of this variety and since they have not had an excessive fruit load, the fruits have given an average weight, higher than that indicated in their patent.

Regarding the brix, the Atago digital refractometer (it is very precise) indicates 19.7° brix, also above what its patent indicates, but my climate is extremely hot and dry, and I do not water excessively, so my fruit reaches high sugar levels.

What is appreciated in the Dapple Fire variety is a lower acidity, so despite not having an excessive brix, like other varieties, the flavor is very, very sweet.

It is a variety that I like more than Early Dapple, Dapple Supreme and Dapple Dandy, and in a few days I will harvest Dapple Jack to compare it.



Is scion wood available inside the US for this yet? It’s been off-patent for three years if Google’s page is correct.

Hi evilpaul.
Yes, its patent has expired, but it is a variety for growers, not for home gardens, so it is difficult to obtain.
I bought this variety many years ago at Adams County Nursery, but I don’t think they have it available anymore.



I actually wanted the dapple fire and the dapple Jack, but in reality, I couldn’t find a way to buy them anywhere :joy:

Hello, Mr. Jose Abacete; Do you have both Daple Fire and Daple Jack varieties? How are these two varieties performing? Is there any way to obtain these two varieties? :grinning:

Hi Yin
Don’t call me Mr. , you make me older than I already am hahahaha, Jose is more than enough.
Yes, I have both varieties and they behave very well, like all the varieties of the Dapple series, for my taste Dapple Fire is the best in the series, it is extremely tasty.
Unfortunately there are currently no retail reseller nurseries that carry this variety and it has to be through Dave Wilson , buying a large quantity of trees.

Best regards