First Name Given for Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry


I bought rootstocks thinking I’d graft this cultivar almost solely but after looking at page after page on the internet I cannot find a generic, first-name given to this cultivar. I’m wondering if there even is one at this place in time. This has shot my entire plan.

An example: Taxodium distichum ‘Shawnee Brave’ TM. The first name given to it is ‘Mickelson’. I could use the name Mickelson to sell my grafts.

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I’ve read mostly the name being the Apple Serviceberry or Autumn Brilliance Apple Serviceberry.There may be also a group of Apple Serviceberries,with an additional name tagged on,to set each one apart. Brady

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Can you make your own name? Fall Excellence comes to mind.

Nope, too many names for the same cultivar is never a good idea. You know Stark likes to take a cultivar and trademark their own name and that’s enough confusion. That’s just one of many examples. Stark probably goes as far as trade marking a name that’s already been assigned a first name and then trademarked a second name by the originator and Stark says F-that and makes a second T-mark name. It’s silliness is what it is.

@Bradybb I read a lot too. All those hybrids are called “Apple serviceberry” from more than a week ago of reading if I’m remembering correctly.

I really can’t graft and sell them if I don’t have a name associated to the cultivar.


Hey Dax,

Just out of curiosity, I took a look around, and one possible lead I did find is that “Autumn Brilliance” was a cultivar originally selected by a certain Willett “Bill” Wandell in 1986. Mr. Wandell had a nursery in Urbana, Illinois - not that far from you, I think? - and it appears that the nursery is still in business (wholesale only). The phone number that I found online is (217) 469-2170. If anyone would know about an original generic name, I would think it would be them (though considering the reason that you’re asking, a bit of tact might be required…). Maybe the local extension office in that area might have more information about the story?

Hope this is helpful.

PS: Just did a little more poking around, and found that Wandell seems to have developed a number of ornamental cultivars, including the “Legacy” sugar maple, as described in this article:

The article seems to suggest that he came up with the “Legacy” name himself, so he may have done the same with “Autumn Brilliance.” Just speculation, though.

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Mr. James,

Great last name.

I’m going to agree with you 100%. I think old Willet Bill was ahead of the game. Therefore it’s game over for Mr. Dax.

I appreciate you looking into it for me. I thought someone on here might have an obscure book or publication that may have helped but I don’t think one exists.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, my friend.

ahh screw him for patenting/trademarking it.


Did you ever get around to figuring this one out @Barkslip?

Yeah, it’s the same first name given to it as trademarked/patented. There’s been no change.