First pears ever on Bosc seedling:)

The little tree has made tiny pears, first ones. I can hardly wait to taste them. It’s a bit close to a rather large nut tree, so it leans a bit, but seems healthy.


Congratulations, that’s quite the accomplishment. What did you have for a pollinator?

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Open pollinated, but likely what’s in our yard…not much else around. So, available; Miney, Meney, Patten, unknown early blooming pear.
Bosc seedlings fruit early, 6 to 8 years from seeds.


Congratulations Jocelyn! What I’m really curious about now is how it will taste. Hopefully it tastes a lot like Bosc.


CoooooI. That’s right Jocelyn you :speaking_head: cooooooL!


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I’ll let you know in Oct or Nov how they taste, grin.

What I’m really intereasted in now are the two Abate Fetel seedlings.
They have only made one winter so far, and it was an easy winter.
They are grocery store seedlings, so no idea who the pollinator could be, grin.


So how did they taste @Jocelyn?


I’m afraid the local wildlife got them :frowning: They were about the size and shape of a bosc, coloured like a patten, and almost ripe…sigh.
Hopefully, this year coming, they will be a little higher up the tree, not just a little above the ground.


How old is that tree? Just curious…

It was either 6 years old or 8 years old. Unfortunately, I thought I’d remember which year I planted it, and, grin, oops, I didn’t.
There are 6 growth points, but it may have been eaten to the ground once, some in that area were.
Grafted pears are quicker than seeds, but 6 to 8 years is not too bad either.

There are several round fat buds this winter again…flower buds are round, leaf buds are pointy. :slight_smile:


Any updates on this tree? Did you ever get to sample the fruit?

Yes, it has hard, crisp pears. They are a bit small, but ripen right on the tree with nice firm, white centres, no mushy centres. They are Bosc shaped, but have a bit of a Patten flavour. Heavy cropper :slight_smile:


I planted my orchard on top of where my grandfather’s pear orchard was. When I was mowing I saw several pear trees come up. I have no idea if it’s rootstock shoots or seedlings from the pears. After 6 years I have one tree bearing several pears. Today tried tilt test and on came off to be fair I have tried for a couple of weeks on this one so maybe I had already broken stem. Don’t think there ready yet.

image image


Correct they are not quite ready and once they get there they will need to ripen inside additional time. Those seeds were not fertilized but they should still be a darker color.