First Reine Claude Boddaert

Got this one from Cummins 2-3 years ago on krymsk 1 rootstock. Don’t have a Brit meter yet. Taste wise not very plum flavor at first bland then started to have some taste, mushy not what I would call meaty. Overall I’d give it a pass. Will see if it improves over a few more years. One more left on tree I’ll take a pic of the inside if anyone wants an inside pic. image


Beautiful looking, though. Give it time.

I don’t know what it is but this is not Reine Claude Boddaert and most likely not a Reine Claude (Gage) at all.

Reine claudes come in different colors.

I know that but this is not a Reine Claude.

Reine Claude Boddaert has the same shape as the old Green Gage (Reine Claude), only larger. Its skin color is yellow with green and red spots. The plum on the photo has no resemblance to that.

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Another thread going now is somebody having a mix-up on an apple variety they got from Cummins. I also had some mix-ups from Cummins over the years. They grow so many varieties I think they lose track now and then.

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For this kind of mix up, I hope Cummins send the OP a correct tree for free. What a waste of time for the OP esp. this fruit did not taste good.

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I will contact them about this, I think I’ll google plums of New York to see what a boddaert is suppose to look like as well. Oh well at least I didn’t wait 6 years for fruit. Thank you for pointing it out. Ok looked it up. It was yellow and green mottled earlier in the year. Then turned red

Tree large, medium in vigor, upright-spreading, open-topped, productive; trunk rough; branches smooth, except for a few, raised lenticels; branchlets of medium
thickness, brash, thinly pubescent; leaves oval, two and one-quarter inches wide, four inches long, thick and leathery; upper surface dark green, rugose; margin crenate, with small dark glands; petiole pubescent, thick, tinged red, usually with two globose glands.

Fruit mid-season; about one and one-half inches in diameter, roundish-ovate, strongly compressed, yellow, mottled with green before full maturity, overspread with thin bloom; stem thickly pubescent; flesh light yellow, dry, meaty, tender, sweet; good in quality; stone semi-free or free, seven-eighths inch by five-eighths inch in size, oval or ovate, turgid, with pitted surfaces.