First ripe Shenandoah pawpaw of the season

Shenandoah is the first pawpaw to ripen this season. It is very good.



Tony, you seem to be a pawpaw expert. If I get one more tree, should it be Shenandoah? I have Pennsylvanian and a generic seedling from Stark Bros.

I can’t wait to taste one!

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Not Tony, but you might consider Maria’s Joy. I haven’t tasted fruit from mine yet, but it’s the one I’m most excited about. Cliff England of has high praise for it.


Shenandoah is a good choice because it tastes good, large and very productive for me. I also have heard good things about Maria choice.



Thanks guys

Shenandoah cluster

Wabash cluster

Susquehanna cluster

Riped Mango same time as Shenandoah

Beautiful Halvin pawpaw

Lastly Meader American persimmon



Great pictures, Tony. Thanks for sharing.

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So what do you do with all those pawpaws. I know they don’t store well so are you able to preserve them some way or is it just pawpaw mania for a few months?

I have never had a pawpaw but if I ever get a big crop I want to try and make pawpaw ice cream. My imagination tells me that would be good.

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I’m wondering the same…what will you do with all of them? I had my first 4 this year and felt that eating one a day was enough, although I could eat one at every meal.

I can eat about three of them a day with vanilla ice cream. I like them at the early stage of ripen when the fragrant is not too strong. I harvested them at this firmer state and peeled them and wrapped each one with saran wrap so no chance of freezer burns and eat them through out the year. The whole fruit with seeds held up real well this way. My family members loved custard apple and sweet sop so I have no issue of waste. They will be gone in no time after I texted them of the pawpaw harvest.



That’s great, Tony. I’ll have to remember your freezing method!

Nice pictures!

I cant get enough of PawPaws, last time i ate around 8 fruits at the AustroPalm festival and more the later days.

Expensive but worth it!

Cant wait to eat them again next week. :smiley:

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You can PM me.



I have yet to get one fruit from my 3 trees but great tips on ripen state for picking and storing! Thanks.


Tony how do you like your found cultivar pawmoya relative to Maria’s joy, mango, etc?

I lost my Pawmoya last winter when the City plower destroyed it. It was too close to the sidewalk. ugh.


those look really yummy!

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sorry to hear, Tony. You sent me scionwood for pawmoya and mango a couple years ago, and the pawmoya didn’t make it through the second summer. If it had, I’d send you a stick this spring. :frowning:

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My this years fruits on asimina, this year fruits are ripe few days earlier than last year :grinning:.


What variety are you growing?