First ripe stone fruit of the year?

I harvested my first Tasty Rich aprium yesterday but was to busy to do anything but eat it. Excellent sweet tart flavor. Anther fell off today it was riper and lacked the tart side just really sweet at 20.5 brix. Normal for Tasty Rich is about 17.

Tree is on K1 which contributes to fruit being half the size I’m used to. Guess that means I can thin less next yr.


Congrats on the aprium. I think I like them better than pluots. As far as I can tell you are the first person on the forums here to harvest any fruit at all this year.

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Maybe the first to harvest stone fruit. The apriums look absolutely delicious, BTW. Several have also harvested other types of fruit, like star fruit, loquat, strawberries, and citrus.

It was hydro, not fruinut.

He harvested his first Florida Prince Peach on March 30th.

I’m jealous, fruitnut!

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Oooh, what I would give for a taste of one of those apriums! (Especially from someone like you knows exactly how it should be fertilized and when) Size matters not when it comes to flavor. My peach wasn’t much bigger than that, but boy, it sure beats anything from Safeway!

Oh Yum, fruitnut you grow the most pristine fruit! Sweet too.

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