First Time Order From Burnt Ridge-Review


I post reviews on Dave’s Garden Watchdog and I have never had to give a negative review. I would probably give them the benefit of doubt if they would at least go over there and respond to the posters (telling them to contact them to straighten things out or something similar) like some of the other companies do, but they haven’t thus far. There are too many nurseries out there for me, personally, to take a chance at wasting my time and perhaps my hard earned money taking a chance on them. But that’s just me. If you are happy to shop with them, then by all means. :slight_smile:


I understand where you coming from. I’m like that too. From my experience none of them respond to e-mail and only half answer the phone. But I can tell you that I placed my burnt ridge order over the phone though.


I have an order of apple and pear rootstock coming from Burnt Ridge next month. I will report back on how they arrived :+1: They got back with me fairly quickly when I emailed them a question. I am sure hoping everything comes as it is suppose to and I can graft once they get here…


I’ve placed a small order with Burnt Ridge almost every January for the past decade. I then add to that order, usually 2-3 times, before shipping time each year. I get an updated invoice within 2-3 days each time. Communication with Burnt Ridge has never been an issue for me.

That being said, you should make allowances for correspondence during their busiest shipping season.

I’ve planted many plants with few feeder roots and as long as aftercare is maintained I have never lost a tree like that. I have lost plants over the years, including some from BR, however with the exception of one plant everything has been alive upon delivery. That one plant was immediately replaced.

I have an order currently placed (and I have made 2 additions to it already). I’ll happily post pictures of it when it arrives, though I am in a colder zone so my order rarely arrives before late April.



In my experience, Burnt Ridge has excellent communication with orders. I’ve had a couple of orders where I’ve made multiple changes via email and they’ve always been quick to oblige.


My order is showing that it is just a couple days away from here! Hopefully it is all good and I have a positive report for you all. I believe that it will be though :+1:


Let’s hope the UPS truck don’t have a wreck and catch on fire like a FedEx truck did a couple weeks ago on I-75. My order may be on the same tractor trailer load as yours. Blueberry


Maybe so :+1: Mine has tracked to Hodgkins, Illinois so far and says it will be here Friday the 13th :scream: :grin:


You other zone 6-ers are making me jealous that I haven’t received a shipping confirmation from Burnt Ridge yet…

What was the coldest temperature you two (BlueBerry and Poncho65) saw this past winter?



Chills, I saw 15 to 17 (depending on which thermometer location) in late 2019, and saw 14 in February of 2020. My orchard location had a higher reading on both instances. Former record low for the winter was just over 20 years ago when the lowest winter temp was 13.
That’s in 60+ years, but I was out of state in 1982, 2002 and 3 and spent some winters in Florida about a decade ago…so ….I might be missing a bit of pertinent data. :slight_smile:


I am pretty sure Stark Bros instructs their employees to remove as much root mass as possible.


I think the lowest it got here was 12° F maybe… Don’t hold me to that. In the winter of 2015 February though it was much colder and I think it was locally around -11° or -12° F one morning and it was an all around colder winter!

The winters since have been very mild though.


Well, if yours was 10:13 or 10:39 A.M. (I done forgot which) in Hodgkins IL………then it’s on the same truck as mine…but they’ll split apart in Louisville or Lexington, and yours will go to Nashville or Knoxville before going to you.

Friday the 13th…I have no problem with. It’s a lucky number so far as I’m concerned. :smile:


My scanned at 10:48. Mine will probably head to Knoxville before going to Sparta. Friday theb13thbis just another day for me as well. Just being silly :grin:


10:39, 10:48 …. still probably on the same truck. UPS tracking says mine is still setting in Hodgkins, IL…………………I hope they just haven’t gotten around to updating.

24 hours on a Wednesday is a long time for a package to sit in one place and still be delivered on Friday.


It amazes me how long some of the packages I’ve ordered have gotten fairly close to us, and then sat for a day or two!


Mine was showing it had a departure scan at 4:52 this morning from Hodgkins, IL. So it has left there and probably headed to Knoxville, TN hopefully! The app I use to track is more accurate sometimes than other things on the internet I have used :+1: So hopefully yours has headed out this morning as well @BlueBerry


Mine sat in IL. for two days. Then sat an extra day after it was local.


Who knows? I cannot reach UPS by typing in my tracking number.
The last message I had was arrival at 10:39 a.m. Wednesday in Illinois.

(By the way…hard, heavy thundering…but I know that’s off topic.)


Mine just made it to Knoxville :+1:

You are suppose to get a few storms tonight from what I have seen on the radar… @BlueBerry

I hope it moves past Knoxville and in to Sparta over night and doesn’t sit anywhere @Robert