First Time Order From Burnt Ridge-Review


Since I had my best percentages ever this year (at least before losing 4 or 5 to root rot in June in containers due to too much rainfall) … and most of my roots coming from Burnt Ridge, (a few from Cummins and a few from Fedco), I have no complaints with my B.R. stock.

But, shipments from the northwest to the east have to travel through some adverse/freezing weather sometimes–I would look at things like the tracking information and see back what the conditions were at the time along the UPS or FedEx routes.


I just thought that I should come back to this thread and say it changed my mind about trying Burnt Ridge. I placed a small order with them in late Nov. for spring delivery. I hope I won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:


I was pleased last year with both the apple and pear rootstock I received. So much so that I made another order with them this year. I sure hope that this years rootstock will be as good as last years. I got apple, pear and plum this year!


They were confirming my order today by email and informed me that they only had 3 of the 20 Ussarian pear rootstocks that I had ordered in stock :man_facepalming: so I hurried and called to get substitutions. I went with 17 standard pear rootstocks. It was about all they had left that was even close to what I wanted. I sure hope they work out right for me… :man_shrugging: they did answer fairly quickly on the phone and the woman was very helpful. Just hope that I didn’t booboo by getting standard stock. BET that I ordered last year is almost standard so hopefully they will all be similar sized and they told me that both Asian and European pears should be fine on these. I just hope so… :scream:


I hope those rootstocks work out for you.

They confirmed my order today too. They had to bump me down a size on one of the shrubs that I ordered, but I’m okay with that, I just hope everything comes healthy. :slight_smile: