First time using Surround

I’ve read the ratio is 3 cups per gallon of water, is this correct? Also, adding a few drops of dish soap. I’m spraying approximately 30 trees, how many gallons should I expect to use? I have a 4 gallon Solo backpack diaphragm sprayer. Thanks in advance!

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I wrote a long list of suggestions in my low-impact spray guide. Scroll down a bit to find the list.

3c per gallon and a bit of dish soap is a good idea. For 30 trees it depends a lot on whether they a mini-dwarf or huge standards, but if they are not too big I would expect one sprayer load would get them all.


By one sprayer load - 4 gallons then? The trees are all around 5 year old semis, mostly on m111 rootstock. Thanks by the way! I think it’s a good thing that one can get so much help I the way of experience on this site!

Scott, also (like I said, first time using this product and a diaphragm sprayer) clean up, I plan on pre- mixing and then pouring into the sprayer, can I leave any residual or left overs in the sprayer? I will have to reapply after rain so I don’t want to “waste” any product if I don’t have to. Or is this not a good idea? Wats your clean up routine after using surround?

If you have extra you can always just put a bit more on. An extra thick coat is better than a regular coat :slight_smile: I always use up the whole tank. With some practice you will learn how much you need.

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