First year honeyberries - keep fruit or remove?

I received 2 very nice honeyberries in Jan this year. I wasn’t able to plant them so I put them in pots. I now have blossoms and what looks like small berries. Should the fruits be removed?

If they are putting on several inches of growth, and look healthy, I’d want to keep the berries to taste them. Keep in mind that they get full color before they are fully ripe and sweet. I’d let the fruit hang as long as you can bear, short of falling off or shriveling, before you eat them.

Thanks. I appreciate your advice and really didn’t want to remove the berries since these bushes are my first fruit purchase!

I agree with murky 100%. Last year I planted one each of Aurora, Borealis, and Indigo Gem. The two twigs (Aurora & Indigo Gem) grew pretty quickly and put a few fruit on. While the much bigger bare root Borealis did squat.

But I also wanted to taste them so bad that I left them on. (…to the point where if I barley touched them they would fall off) I’m glad I did too, now I know what the fruit of these two tastes like, and the plants are no worse off from what I can tell. In fact they all three have a little fruit on them right now, even after the cold temps. I did cover them with 32 gal garbage cans though.

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I have been surprised at the long blooming period. They produce a few new blooms daily and have been for several weeks. I also have Aurora and Borealis.

I had a cinderella that bloomed before we got the bad cold spell a few weeks ago. It got down to the low 20s, maybe even upper teens. I checked it today and there are fruitlets growing. If I remember correctly, there are also still some blooms.

I think I remember reading that their open flowers can handle 8 F and still set fruit- pretty amazing

I didn’t know how hardy they’d be once in bloom, and I’m certain I knocked off more blooms while removing their cages (so I could cover them with the garbage cans) than the cold did!

if you want to taste the fruit, I would strongly suggest netting them before they start to ripen. Without protection, the “Robbings” will pick mine completely clean as soon as the fruits turn blue, and long before they are really ripe. Robins may look pretty, but they are evil berry pigs!

I planning on leaving them in the pots until late fall. Thanks for the warning about the birds. I hope to build a cage like @MrClint has for his blueberries.

I have a few potted ones in the yard that are not looking very healthy coming out of dormancy this year. While pruning out the dead branches, I found what I think was a fair bit of scale insect remains on them from last year. I’m not sure if the scale caused the problems, but I have not found scale on any of my trees, nor on my blueberries or raspberries. So far, they are just on the Haskap/Honeyberry. I will be checking them more regularly this year.

Bah! Every time I plant something new, I get introduced to new pests. Grrrr! However, for the record, I think that Haskap jam and pie are awesome, so they are worth any extra effort required. Up to this year, they have done well. I planted my first ones in 2010.

Seems to be true, as the first fruit of the season for me, birds pretty much eat them once they turn color. I won’t net them, though will just need to grow so many, they can’t eat them all. Seedlings probably will start popping up all around like my nanking cherries.