First year with blueberries. Looking for scheduling for fertilizer, fungicide, etc

So this year i decide to add 10 blue berry bushes to the place. I have 5 sunshines and 5 sweetheart plants, all bought from Stark Bros. Just came in and they look amazing. I will be placing them in 25 gallon wicking tubs, one plant per tub. Im looking for guidance on a fertilizing schedule and fungicide schedule as this is a new venture to me. I started some blackberries a couple years ago and had to learn the hard way, trail by fire you might say. Trying to avoid that this trip. Im in growing zone 8A. Thanks in advance for any and all help/advice!

Blueberries are easy to grow. they prefer sandy well drained soil. Generally you will feed them in the spring. Treat with a good compost tea to encourage mycorrhizal development in the pots. I live in 8b and I have never treated my blueberries for any fungus, disease or pest in 20 years.

This is all you need to know from Keith at Backyard Berry Plants, where I get ALL of my plants from. The guy is a wealth of knowledge.