Flail Blackberry Canes


We are using a flail mower this year to munch the blackberry clippings rather than push and burn.

Estimate we added at least a ton of organic matter but we don’t yet know if we will get any insect or disease carry over.

If I had more energy, I would rake the leaves and clippings from beneath the plants to the drive rows and flail again.

Hope the urea sprayed beneath the plants will accelerate plant matter decomposition and limit disease problems.


maybe you could mulch over the cut canes with arborist chips to bury any disease or pest in them. most arborist will happily dump you a huge amount of chipped material . also keeps out weeds. you do have a lot of rows to cover tho. maybe one of those tow behind propane burners like they use on blueberry barrens here in maine, would be good to sterilize the cuttings?