Flame Seedless Puget Sound lowlands

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Flame Seedless
Puget Sound lowlands
September 22.


Wow those look great and very plentiful. How is the flavor? Are they better than grocery store grapes? Are they crisp or slipskin? I’m looking for a red table variety to go with my thomcord. Having these come about a month later than thomcord would help with extended harvests. I’m in Portland area.

Home grown fruits are almost always better than
Supermarket fruit. They favor under ripe fruit for shelf life.

I’ll trade you for Thomcord cuttings, if you have them.

I will have some this winter after I cut mine back. The vines I have are young still. Only 3rd year so I won’t have many but should have enough. Let me know when you do your pruning and we can arrange some trade details.

Probably after the first hard freeze— late November I think.

I am in N Tacoma. I can send you some dormant cuttings of my grapes if you want. I can send rooted cuttings if it is not too late in the year to air layer them. It may be too late to bother. I should have enough vine for one of each of Himrod, Interlaken, Einset, Vanessa, and maybe Canadice grapes.

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Definitely interested in Einset cuttings.
I’ll have a few of my hybrid Grapes. No names, but most are similar to Riesling-- wine Grapes.
Also have Flame Seedless and Okanagan Riesling.

They taste the same, but ripens late, so need a good sunny spot. Birds can be a problem, but not as bad as with Blueberries.

These are a seeded Flame that taste like wine if I leave them on the vine usually till first week in October , if - if , we have those 10 warm dry days in Sept. I’m only a few miles North in Seatac

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I used to have a hundred vines in Milton WA
but the Property was sold.
Never heard of a seeded Flame .
My favorite flavor was Muscat.
What else do you grow?

Let me know if you still want to trade grapes.
I’m in Port Orchard.