Flavor Blast pluot and Flavor Fall pluot Anybody growing?

Does anybody grow Flavor Blast pluot and Flavor Fall pluot? I would like to know more about them.

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Flavor Fall has been pretty limited for me as far as production so far (I think I’ve had it in for three seasons), but really not a fair comparison as it’s on a tree with Flavor Finale that outcompetes it. Tasty fruit though. Like Finale, a really good late pluot.

Thanks for the info. I have not seen much about it. Sounds worth trying although I have two late pluots now Flavor Finale and Fall Fiesta which is interesting that is has cherry and nectarine genes in it. It’s good too. The first year the fruits were rather bland, but much better the 2nd year. Thanks for the info too, on Flavor Finale as mine has not fruited yet. Last year I added I added a couple more in the Flavor series. Flavor Heart and Flavor Gem which seems to have been pulled or renamed by Zaiger?

Hey Drew, where did you buy the Flavor Fall and any luck for Flavor Blast? Thanks.

Fall Fiesta too

At one time you could special order directly from Dave Wilson nursery. Not anymore. They offered many commercial cultivars in the program. How I got it. I never grew flavor blast.